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There are four different kinds of drought: permanent, seasonal, unpredictable, and invisible.

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Climate and WeatherClimate and Weather
'I'm a Tornado For You...'I'm a Tornado For You, Baby' | SUNG SCIENCE
Creation of Caves by...Creation of Caves by Groundwater
'A Big Song About a Small...'A Big Song About a Small Thing (Atoms!)' | SUNG SCIENCE
'The Insane Brain...'The Insane Brain!' | SUNG SCIENCE
Shark Electrosensory SystemShark Electrosensory System
Venus - The Hostile PlanetVenus - The Hostile Planet
Earth's Atmosphere: What...Earth's Atmosphere: What is Air Made of?
Is Climate Change Just A...Is Climate Change Just A Lot Of Hot Air?
Why Does Earth Have...Why Does Earth Have Deserts?
What Would Happen if the...What Would Happen if the Moon Disappeared?
Kepler's Theory of the...Kepler's Theory of the Solar System
The Biggest Organism on...The Biggest Organism on Earth
'Tardigrade in the Shade...'Tardigrade in the Shade' | SUNG SCIENCE
How Our Honey Is MadeHow Our Honey Is Made
Solar EclipseSolar Eclipse
How to Keep Elephants and...How to Keep Elephants and Wolves Out of Your Yard
Lunar EclipseLunar Eclipse
Where Did Earth's Water...Where Did Earth's Water Come From?
Comet - Visitors from...Comet - Visitors from Space (Advanced)
Global WarmingGlobal Warming
The Great American Locust...The Great American Locust Plague
Why The Full Moon is...Why The Full Moon is Better in Winter
Radio Astronomy - The...Radio Astronomy - The Alma Telescope
Why Are Lakes Freshwater...Why Are Lakes Freshwater and Oceans Saltwater?
Does Lightning Ever...Does Lightning Ever Strike Twice?
SciShow Kids: Pollination...SciShow Kids: Pollination: How Bees Help Make Fruit!
The Hidden Perils of...The Hidden Perils of Permafrost
Ecology: Our Green PlanetEcology: Our Green Planet
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