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Author - Encyclopaedia Britannica

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An overview of different types of dolphins and their biology and habits.

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Incredible coral spawning...Incredible coral spawning footage!
I’m A Blue WhaleI’m A Blue Whale
Amazing footage of...Amazing footage of sponges pumping!
Did You Know: ElephantsDid You Know: Elephants
Entomology: The Buzz...Entomology: The Buzz About Bees
Jonathan Bird's Blue...Jonathan Bird's Blue World: Anemonefish
Why Do Animals Eat Each...Why Do Animals Eat Each Other? | SCIENCE MYSTERIES REVEALED
I’m A Cave FishI’m A Cave Fish
Jonathan Bird's Blue...Jonathan Bird's Blue World: Defense In The Sea
Jonathan Bird's Blue...Jonathan Bird's Blue World: Cleaning Stations
Bess Beetles do WHAT??Bess Beetles do WHAT??
All About Insects!All About Insects!
Oceanic Whitetip SharkOceanic Whitetip Shark
I’m A SalmonI’m A Salmon
How Bugs Move!How Bugs Move!
I’m A DolphinI’m A Dolphin
Diver has Amazing...Diver has Amazing Encounter with Leopard Seal!
Longtail Carpet SharksLongtail Carpet Sharks
I’m A SeahorseI’m A Seahorse
I’m A SawfishI’m A Sawfish
Did You Know: Butterfly...Did You Know: Butterfly and Moth
I’m A Rainbow FishI’m A Rainbow Fish
What Would Happen if a...What Would Happen if a Solar Flare Hit the Earth?
Sea lions play with diver...Sea lions play with diver underwater!
How Do Dolphins Sleep...How Do Dolphins Sleep Without Drowning?
Ecology: Nature's...Ecology: Nature's Delicate Balance
How Do Spiders Make a Web?How Do Spiders Make a Web?
A Mysterious Underwater...A Mysterious Underwater Cloud in a Sinkhole!
How do Bees make Honey...How do Bees make Honey? | Beekeeping with Maddie
Why Do Flamingos Stand on...Why Do Flamingos Stand on One Leg?
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