Instant access to thousands of great kids books.

*Available for iPad

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Free for teachers & school librarians!

*Available for iPad

An Epic! Kids Reading Experience

Epic! is the first "All-You-Can-Read" eBook service for kids. We provide an epic reading experience by letting kids choose and instantly access the books they want to read, without the need to purchase and download them one-by-one.

Epic! is the only kids eBook subscription service that offers thousands of high-quality books from well known publishers like HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, National Geographic and many others.

Watch the Epic! Video!

Watch the Epic! Video!

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It looks like Epic! strikes the perfect balance between educational and fun, and should allow parents to feel more confident about introducing the iPad into their children's daily lives as a tool, rather than as a guilty pleasure or time-wasting treat. - Colleen Taylor, Tech Crunch

My 8 year old daughter loves reading on Epic! She's always so proud to show me how many books she's read. I think it's an amazing service and a great value for the money. - Lane Merrifield (co-founder, ClubPenguin)

Epic! offers a brilliant way to harness the enthusiasm of young readers with lots and lots of great books and reaches kids exactly when their enthusiasm for reading starts to spark. - Kate Klimo (former Publisher, Random House Young Readers Group)

We know that children tend to read more if they can choose their own books. We're proud to offer our titles on Epic! which provides an innovative mobile reading experience for kids and fosters a love of reading in a whole new way. - Chantal Restivo-Alessi (chief digital officer, HarperCollins Publishers)

Epic! is the first app to get eBooks for young people right. I love how easy it is to discover new stories to share with my kids. - Emily Scheinman (founder/ceo, Bananaseed children's school book fairs)