Adaptations / Camouflage

Collection Created by:Austin Fleischer, an Epic! Teacher in Ohio
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Animal Adaptations
Plant Adaptations
#4 The Werewolf Chase: A Mystery about Adaptations
Animal Adaptations
12 Super-Camouflaged Animals You Need To Know
What Are Camouflage and Mimicry?
Camouflage: Changing to Hide
Animals in Camouflage
Becoming Invisible: From Camouflage to Cloaks
Masters of Disguise: Amazing Animal Tricksters
Back Off! Undercover Animals
Chameleons Change Color
What Do Critters Do In The Winter?
Reptile World: Horned Lizards
What are Nature's Copycats?


Jonathan Bird's Blue World: Camouflage and Color
Pygmy Seahorses: Masters of Camouflage
I'm a Walking Stick
Wobbegong Sharks
Shark Coloration
Did You Know: Zebras
SmartNews: Cracking the Code on Camouflage

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